YME Exteriors in Calgary

We can assist you in restoring your curb appeal or making needed maintenance to the exterior or framework of your home. When it comes to the exterior of the building, we offer almost every repair and maintenance service imaginable, from stucco, vinyl, roofing to brick and concrete regeneration and everything in between.


If you’re searching for professional roofers to add the finishing touch to your home around Calgary, YME should be your first choice. We offer a full range of services for roofing, and we back our claims with an impressive warranty that is second to none.

Vinyl Siding

If you want to boost the value of your home especially around Calgary while also improving its aesthetic, vinyl siding is a great option. This will ensure that your investment pays off in the long run since we install the highest-quality Vinyl available.


YME Stucco services give the outward appearance of your home a crisp, clean exterior, and that’s something we all want for our homes. There are numerous other advantages for the homeowner along similar lines.

Soffit Fascia

The proper coordination of a home’s soffit, fascia, and gutter system requires a collaborative and eye-catching glimpse that significantly enhances the artistic value of your home. YME Exteriors provides soffit and fascia repair, reconstruction, and installation services to help property owners find the best soffit and fascia solutions.

Concrete Work

We provide a number of concrete construction services within the residential concrete construction industry in the Calgary area. To us, this is not only a business but also a way to give something back to the Calgary community. We provide our respected neighbours with concrete fixtures that they can be proud of and that make our city look great.

YME Exteriors recognizes the value of a well-made product and is dedicated to client satisfaction. Our business strategy includes providing exceptional service, and we will set up a channel of communication with our customers to keep projects on track, on budget, and on time. As a result, we have a proven track record that we continue to improve with each new project. YME Exteriors in Calgary works on a diverse range of projects. We can link with all of our clients, from major commercial sites to small housing developments, and make sure that we not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Residential and Commercial Construction in Calgary: Our Approach

The construction of a Calgary home, or any type of structure really, is dependent on the quality of the foundation that your contractor has laid in your land. Suffice it to say that the foundation is literally the building block and the basis on which your building is constructed, and is the most essential part of any project that you would wish to embark on.  Because of the inherent importance of the foundation in construction projects, it is imperative that you locate a contractor who has the necessary experience and technical ability to ensure that your home, building or other construction projects are built well. You will want a foundation that can withstand all manners of events that nature will throw at it. – consider temperature swings in Calgary’s Fall and Spring and how that affects concrete setting.

From its name, the foundation is the part of the building or home that comes into direct contact with the earth. This enables the transfer of loads from the structure that would be constructed on top of the foundation and allows any force to be safely dissipated throughout the soil around the foundation. Your contractor would be able to tell you that there are two types of foundations used in construction: shallow and deep. Shallow foundations are often recommended for lighter projects as the foundation itself only penetrates up to a surface level on the soil. Contractors would recommend a deep foundation for projects that would include skyscrapers, or if the project is located in an area with rather weak soils that create the need for a stronger, more durable foundation.

There is more to the construction of a foundation than the simple excavation of soil and the pouring of cement. Basic earth science would tell you that the soil has several layers. Good contractors would excavate the soil until they reach a durable layer, where once they have located this, they begin to pour the concrete into the trench that was dug. From here, you can surmise that your contractors should be skilled at earthworks and concrete projects. This trench is often reinforced with steel rods to ensure that the foundation is as durable as it can be.

Not all foundations are made of concrete however, as there are those that are made of stone, steel or bricks. A good contractor would be able to inform you as to the best type of foundation that is suitable for your area, as well as more viable alternatives that ensure that your foundation remains sturdy. The construction of a foundation is dependent on numerous factors that a good contractor would be able to foresee. An important consideration is that the area where the foundation is to be constructed would not be affected by future infrastructure projects in the area. The type of soil plays a role in the selection of material to ensure that your foundation is compatible with the geology of the selected site. Physics and Earth Science become crucial areas of expertise for your contractor, and you would want a contractor who takes these two subjects into account when your construction project is started. Lastly, once the contractor has finished with the foundation, it is expected that they would clean up. This allows your project to continue without any delay.