Calgary Concrete Contractor

Concrete is the lifeblood of any construction or renovation project. Whether you are paving your home’s driveway or renovating your backyard, you will need lots of concrete to get the job done. Concrete is a very versatile building material that takes a lot of care to make and transport. You need a concrete contractor that can ensure ample supply of concrete of a good quality at the right time. If there is either a fault in the quality of the concrete or its delivery time, your construction project will get ruined or delayed by many days. Since you don’t want either of these things to happen, you need to make sure that you choose the right concrete contractor.

When choosing a Calgary concrete contractor, keep the following in mind. One of the hallmarks of a good concrete contractor is that they have a lot of work experience in their line of work. Pouring concrete, especially when laying the foundations of a new building is a tricky job. An inexperienced contractor that hasn’t done this kind of work before is more likely to make mistakes. On the other hand, an experienced contractor that has done it loads of time in the past will ensure no mistakes occur. Moreover, concrete contractors with many years of work experience behind them can make the right estimates about the amount of concrete that would be needed for a job.

Another aspect that differentiates a good concrete contractor from a bad one is their communication skills. Good contractors always keep you in the loop about every little work they do. They won’t spring surprises on you and not make any last minute changes to the cost or the delivery time. You will find it easy to speak to them as they will simplify the technical jargon for you and tell you exactly what you need to know. A good concrete contractor keeps its lines of communication always open so that you can ask them any questions, if an when you have them.

Good concrete contractors have a legitimate business and carry the necessary certifications and licenses needed for doing their work. More often than not, you will find these licenses on display in their offices or their website. However, if you don’t see them anywhere, it should be considered a red flag. So, before hiring a concrete contractor, you should ask them for copies of the relevant licenses and certifications to make sure that they aren’t a fraud. If they hesitate in showing you these documents then you shouldn’t hire them.

We are a construction and repair company based in Calgary, Canada. We have been working as a concrete contractor in Calgary for a very long time. You can trust us to provide you the best concrete for all your residential projects.

We are skilled in a wide variety of concrete installation services for Calgary home and business owners. As a concrete contractor in Calgary, we can lay beautiful walkways, patios, stairs, and pool surroundings and even install basement floors or heated driveways to melt away the Canadian winter snowfall. Business owners will appreciate our parking lot concrete installations, concrete ramps, and curb work to better guide and facilitate vehicle access to their property. 

To us, this is not only a business but also a way to give something back to the Calgary community. We provide our respected neighbours with concrete fixtures that they can be proud of and that make our city look great.

We combine years of experience in the concrete construction industry, pride in being part of the great city of Calgary, a professional approach to services, and a customer-focused approach in everything we do to make each project we undertake a success. Each concrete installation we complete is another step forward in our mission to do the best work we can for our Calgary neighbours.

Why YME Exteriors?

YME Exteriors is the best choice because we have developed, proven expertise and skills in affordable concrete installations in Calgary, such as laying, finishing, and landscaping services across Calgary. We use environmental practices to minimize our deployed fleet, contain and recycle any waste, and use natural materials whenever possible. These best practices ensure that you receive not only quality results, but environmentally friendly ones as well.

We offer quality and a care for fine details; that means we won’t be happy until you’re pleased with the finished product. It is this commitment that has placed us at the top of our industry and helped us forge long-lasting relationships with both residential and commercial customers. Our concrete employs a 32-C2 mix design, well above Ontario’s standard code, and is perfect for all-season optimization.